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amiya space - Windows Live  

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One day, occasional open gmail, found in the United States is the best friend for a few weeks of letter lonely lying in your mailbox. FEEl good complex. Home has more than three months, and in addition to family and friends like hours as the warm look, more fortunate to find a job makes me Happy, and such a lovely group of colleagues. But can not deny that the rapid pace and intensity of work, but also no less than the pace I seem to stop. . In the past, love of reADIng, music, movies, sport has bECOMe a shadow of the past, while in the United States is bECOMing more and More friends and teachers. Letter to a friend, but seems to be bECOMing shorter and shorter intervals are increasingly long. Seen in msn, but also in the hands of the working timeframe, sometimes even too lazy to say hello. There are too many times, in this way, thought should be given a previous letter told them that I teach. You can also just a thought-swept in dense croWD behind tracks. Then, each day remains the same. Weekend, a man in the dark quiet songs, like fuzzy space-time. . Yellow。. Look at the Stars. . Look how they shine for you。. And everything you do. . Yeah, they were all yellow。. I came along; i wrote a song for you. . And all the things you do。. And it was called yellow. . So then i took my turn。. Oh what a thing to have done. . And it was all yellow。. Your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones. . Turn into something beautiful。. D'you know?. . You know i love you so。. You know i love you so. . I swam across。. I jumped across for you. . Oh what a thing to do。. 'Cos you were all yellow. . I drew a line; i drew a line for you。. Oh what a thing to do. . And it was all yellow。. And your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones. . Turn into something beautiful。. D'you know?. . For you i bleed myself dry。. For you i bleed myself dry. . It's true。. Look how they shine for you. . Look how they shine for you。. Look how they shine for. . Look how they shine for you。. Look how they shine for you. . Look how they shine。. Look at the Stars. . Look how they shine for you。. And all the things that you do. . Golden yellow. Lyrics, Music / Coldplay. . Carrying around Stars features "redireCTS here. Distribute them as you watch the fascinating light. . In your ? fragile careful here. All there is a golden yellow. . I've since come from 23. To you, I made a love song. . Be careful in your cowardly brains behind ?. All have golden memories. . I wouldn't walk walking game. What kind of things waiting to be realized? . . That's kind of a bright golden yellow body ?. Your skin. . Your every inch of muscle fu. Have turned into a beautiful life with you. . Do you know what I'm interested in you love so much. I believe I gave you the pay more true. . I think you cross the sea. As you cross the valley. . So I pay because ? crazy why?. Just because you in my heart forever charming Refined. . I'm drawing an article online. To you, Oh what a thing to draw the line waiting for you across. . So I imagine the Happy mobile machine why?. Just to be as beautiful as your attention. . Your muscles fu. Every inch of your skin. . Why are q life points drop. You know that I am willing to sacrifice your own. . Zong makes my life has not left any traces of sites. I have a confession is so real you. . The Stars as you bulk sends confirmation of light. Distribute them as you watch the fascinating light. . Looking at it, how to give your poWDer on the light. Look at them as you distribute a charming light. . Looking at it for you on a fascinating light dispersion. Fascinating look at how they rADIate light. . Carrying around Stars features "redireCTS here. Distribute them as you watch the fascinating light. . Ontario held a press conference in your hand carry it now autumn always beautiful to have a little bit sad, listening to the songs, forget the Yoriko Blues for a long time, I seem to have some slight touch. *********************。 . With the summer before don't consume Montreal leaves. The clouds are still far from silent. . Like I have risen reducing. Instant say goodbye to last year is winter. . only a year change seeing the world. A kind of earth-shaking FEEling of impermanence. . Oh ~ my Friend Miss. Particularly strong at the moment we are so far away. . Friends of the children face said life joy. If we continue to fall in love. . Perhaps now is a different story. Oh ~ Friend I miss you. . Ecial strongly at the moment so many years. Oh ~ Friend I miss you. . At the moment particularly strong so far in the afternoon and Go Daddy zizhuyuan walk. Although the weather was a bit stuffy, but very quiet elegance, the bamboo grove. Lotus is a tranquil and beautiful, people seemed calm and cool a few minutes. Face to face with my father not been such a long quiet talk, many, many thoughts and FEElings. I remember my father almost every hour on weekdays are Qi Judai still young I went to the public. . Park to play, then I'm still on the whole, kindergarten, one day a week to go home, I hate the kindergarten, the happiest and most yearned for. I have so much to this sitting in dad's rail car prestige FEEl proud and sense. Also you can see the many different landscapes. But I do not know when, growing up I've lost too much pure passion. Knew my father's favorite Paula Lagos or go to the countryside, how many times the face of his proposal is full of hope, I either. . Of a refusal. Because of their own young, my family doesn't know any better, I too many too many times and unruly. Dad says, today, to accompany him one day, very Happy. I just FEEl ashamed. Middle School has included sight back. Film, the children of my age, and can not understand it Qiang Yi of the complex as deep and sincere emotions. Today, I finally can gradually understand. But I wish I, when it comes before a better job, not to have a lot of guilt today. Many days did not write things. From the beginning in early August, the busy graduation, attended the meeting, then pack up their bags when the seller is home, home natural after a bit idle. But in fact, better, and the time difference down very smoothly, helped work at home about to do cooking, reADIng, and then I'd go every day like a flash on the past.Busy talking to family and friends, say like a day than when I was in the United States for a week, is still hurt, but also do not know whether it is Operating or overload the Beijing weather too dry sake. Re-adjust my time zone settings, found that even today, exactly 26 August, is the day I left Beijing last year. You can not help moving a bit, think of each aircraft had almost all the way out on a person crying mess. For overseas home, everyone had contrADIctory FEElings, my family could not bear to suffer the one hand, on the other hand I think this is good. For me, there has been a lot of inexplicable insistence that something must be done, does not matter if they are not Happy. However, all gone, time to dilute everything, but grew up in the way which individuals have not experienced those seeking company and lonely time。. Yesterday, back to school to do household things Yanyuan police station, a man sat 375 to go. Remains when I lived in Albemarle Road, more than two hours to do the memory of the car to school, walk ago deliberately put a small book in the bag, ready to spend time looking through. After the fun of my sister to see how far the road is still not reADIng, I realized after the fact, moving away from the school came close to a lot really. Although that should be the North East Gate off, but all FEEl that way several times on both sides of the buildings have strange supporting limit than I, almost Jin Zhang's Zhunbei jumped cart, Fortunately Rengran for sedation of Zai and so strong a few seconds, then found, as if they know.Although I admit that recognition of the ability to really bad way, but changes in Beijing or very large. This I have been thinking of cities, but also I slowly back to know. Came back to see the Pot, talked happily, only to find that it happens just missed a gathering of students, especially the size I want so badly Yuan. But this time do not go back, so there will be plenty of time to family, friends, think of here, I felt a light heart and a lot. It is a solemn graduation ceremony ~ ~ The whole process is very exciting fun! Just wearing the thick of the dress, made a two hours set myself, really is hard enough. Stage to shake hands before the hat down Laajala efforts to prevent Waiqiniuba of, or ears flying out of something. Meditation Transitions steps, take a deep breath take a deep breath.Step by step (wearing high heels, really upset), cautious, smile, then shake. thick, safe passage!.. According to a lot of photos then, pick a few years on the album. Thank you students to refuel Liu Fei, Liu Wen and Chen Xiaoming also helped me take pictures:) There are many, many friends, I love you all ~ ~ ~ CNN just broadcast news programs have a very interesting report about being popular a basis for the Hollywood Star signs smile tailor "overnight U.S. braces" - Snap-On Teeth. This is really a love of beauty has many rich people bother to enjoy another Happy. Customers looking through the full bright smile (nice teeth) celebrity album, easily one means, "I was more partial to this one FEEling it.Is she--Sarah Parker Jassica. " Less complex programs later, you can have a set of the latest In beauty-capped, as easy as loADIng and unloADIng wear contact lenses? Allegedly, this may beneFit the public is facial technology originates from the many strange quirky film role modeling needs. Thick, really is amazing, I watched news of the model show, can not help but Stared: do not know after how many years will not be wearing such as the U.S. braces like the makeup used to do? "Huh, really is a worry, Vice braces which is more suitable for today's style I do? Julia Roberts, or Gwenyth Partria ?。."。 . However, this piece of news of finale but this is not far away. The following function but full of creativity. Participant: blind date must have secret weapons ~ ~ ~ a pair of really ugly! if, secretly installed on ugly mouth guards, and handsome head, a brilliant smile, Don effect surpRising, HA HA this appearance cukuang left Panasonic really military Notebook great. Silver streamlined body, with a black thick protective rubber tread, dark gray texture of the keyboard, is unlimited. This advertising model combined with the background, leaving it in the sand, and more show off both wild and calm temperament, people could not help but think of Mr. . And Mrs. . Smith Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the desert hot encounter. Engadget Chinese is written, "This is the U.S. police, Germany and the Antarctic scientific expedition team has configured a laptop, simply have ordered by the magic is not bad under the flames of the body. After the drop test in 26 directions, 360-degree Water, 90 cm height drop test machine tests."Oh, don't know how it's explosion-proof performance:) today really wasn't. Open the firefox browser, oddly enough, let me set the Profile. I was wondering, since this situation never occurs. Then select default, the popup window display. Said: being in use, can not run. I had the second best, and then New Profile. Rush to complete the selection, click the confirmation, the consequences of people made me immediately when the machine on. firefox opened the page finished. . All new bookmarks bar blank eyesore, I all bookmarks Folders are hidden the tracks. Am I deleting all firefox bookmarks archive under? did not give up, I tried firefox, search Folders. Nothing, has seen most of the help document, the result is wasted. Can do is to import from IE Favorites file earlier. But you know, I have not used IE for far too long, and so many charges. . Heart collect all of the latest bookmarks in firefox, then all of a sudden, just like my hands flew away and disappear without a trace. 90% of its own inadvertently made Misoperation. obviously know. Road too many non-human concerned to restore everything, but still frustrated Yeah. Up in the morning listening to NPR rADIo, it seems calm. Recent weakness of the interviews, and more is rECOMmended Bush Supreme Court Justice John Robert candidates for the kind words, or about Karl Rove leaks war of words between the two parties, it is worth mentioning.But the 9 o'clock TV CNN, it was surprised, because see news footage and two weeks before the London bombings, similar to the wording of heADIng alarming is the same, London Blasts: Three One Bus and Underground. At first glance, I thought it was previous news replay, and FEEl no sense. FEEl like myself sometimes, recurrent dreams. Thought is not an illusion of this headache. Continue reADIng to know that the terrorist attacks. Saddened. London really is troubled, you know, it is my favorite city. Is sad news to stock assessment, and no major news about the stock market turmoil, but because of complex, as also by the impact of other positive news is that the Chinese government DECided the new Exchange rate policy, the yuan rise against the dollar. Hearing this, I was surprised, though long expected that the recent move to adjust Exchange rate policy would be, but in the situations that still did not expect. Today really is the eventful summer Asia.I have to show my whole-hearted admiration for these awesome。. digi-gadget ideas. . Especially love the fan-like keyboard &. . mouse, the dig-sticker, and the digi-stick。. Where did these designers。. come up with such cool inspirations? And to put these concepts into. . real produCTS。.I am speechless。. I definately will be the first to buy。. them if they come out on market. . But of course, they have to be. . afFordable:) Check out more about the contest winner line-up here。. Catch an early peek at the SAMSUNG i300. . We’re not going to lie。. As far as Smartphones go, we’re as exCited about the idea of the SAMSUNG i300 as anyone could be。. And while we're a little puzzled as to why the sample device Mobile-Review got to preview lacked the signature 3GB 1-inch drive, ran Windows Mobile 2003 SE, and only got a half-day of battery life, we're not going to let such trifles be a buzzkill on the scroll wheel, dedicated music playback features, and generally unusually small size。. So there。. We do not lie. Smartphones can go to what extent, the more exCited we are to achieve anything on SAMSUNG i300 point. We are a little confused, why is Taiwan Mobile-Review the first to test the prototype of the lack of a clear-inch 3GB hard disk; to the Operation of Windows Mobile 2003 SE, and only a half-day battery life. We do not want to see these Meisha great features, including a dedicated music player functions, and often have small size volume. . SideWindow turns your Pocket PC into a secondary display。. You can wait for Longhorn to deliver AUXiliary display functionality - which will allow you to run certain apps on separate dedicated displays - or for $ 15, you can install SideWindow and use your Pocket PC as an secondary display right now。. The app installs on XP, and tricks Windows into treating the Pocket PC as an additional screen。. You can drag any window over to your new mini-monitor, allowing you to use it as, say, an IM console, image viewer, or sticky note display, without installing any software on the PDA. .Now all we need is a way to do this wirelessly, so we can use the Pocket PC as a mini-tablet and carry it across the office and kick back with it on the couch。. You can wait for Longhorn (the next generation of Microsoft Operating systems), again using the secondary screen features, this feature allows you to perform some special applications in the other screen. Or you just spent 15-dollars, immediately install SideWindow applications and use your Pocket PC, treat it as a second screen. This application installed in the XP Operating system, let Windows to Pocket PC as an external screen.You can drag any of the Windows to your new small ? curtain, you can then play the Wikimedia communications, see the image, then article written, but not install any software on your PDA. The only need is portable fax the document's interface, then we will be able to make a Pocket PC version of Deng Zui, take it in the Office indoor freely and areas lie in sand of waking up on the use of computer. PAntech launches the PH-S8000T, Korea's first MS smartphone. . So that PAntech PH-S8000T Windows Mobile-powered smartphone we caught wind of back in February is now officially out and about in South Korea。. This clamshell is PAntech's first foray into Windows Mobile land, besides being Korea's first MS Smartphone whatsoever (well, that we've seen anyway). .Other than its Intelligence and rugged good looks (um…), the phone ’s also got a 1。.3 Megapixel camera and a notably large 2。.2-inch QVGA (240 x 320) LCD screen。. PH-S8000T in February, when we are still based on hearsay evidence, this to MS as the Core of the smart phone PAntech PH-S8000T, has now been officially launched in South Korea. The clam shell like gadgets, is into PAntech's first Windows Mobile phone category, in addition to, or South Korea's first MS smartphone. In addition to its Intellectual property and the sturdy good-looking appearance (ah..), This phone also equipped with a 1.3 million pixel digital camera, and 2. .2-inch QVGA (240 x 320) LCD ? curtain. (Dubious) details about the next Treo. . It reads more like a Treo fanboy wishlist than a completely convincing spec sheet, but someone posted up some details about what is supposedly going to be Palm’s next Treo (and we won’t even get into the completely dubious pic of a “Treo 700” that popped up on HowardForums the other day) . . It all sounds a little dubious, but this dude claims that the next Treo will have the same form factor as the Treo 650 but run on Palm OS Cobalt 6. .1 (Okay .....) And have Bluetooth 1. .2, WiFi, 64MB of RAM, and EV-DO。. Oh, and supposedly this new Treo should be out sometime around DECember or possibly early next year。. This information over like the next generation Treo Treo fans eager to have the specifications list. May be someone posted some details on the specifications of next-generation Treo (we do not have to HowardForums forum, this "Treo 700" pictures to paste them dubious). This is very dubious, and this guy says the next generation Treo 650 Treo with the current form of the same, but will be Palm OS Cobalt 6. .1 For the Operating system (ah..), And equipped with Bluetooth 1. .2nd Edition, WiFi Internet, rADIo records, which released the 64MB EV-DO. New Treo may in DECember or early next year in question. Inteview with Optimus keyboard designer adds deets. . So the buzz around the web on that Optimus keyboard we posted up a couple of days ago has been intense。. A recent interview with Artemy Lebedev, Founder and director of the Russian design firm working on the keyboard, sheds some light on the future of this device: they envision is as an "open source" keyboard, with an SDK and a "keyboard studio" application that lets users custOmize the keyboard any way they choose (sweeeet!)。. The company is currently negotiating with several different manufacturers to get the Optimus into production, and they're hoping to see it getting into our hot little hands in about a year for "[no] less than $ 200 to $ 300。.”。. Optimus keyboard only a few days before the article was published, really caused quite a sensation. Recently, a survey, the object is the Russian design, the Founder and director Artemy Lebedev.Artemy Lebedev pointed out some about this key keyboard future direction: it would like to this key ? plate a vision, that is, development out of the open data source (open source)-key keyboard, with a check up on the SDK (software development kit) and "key keyboard Studio (keyboard studio)" in the application, so users can completely off of their key films, plate (level on heart!). Company is already negotiating several different manufacturers making genuine issues Optimus keyboard, they hope to come out within a year to this product, the price is "not" less than between 200-300 U.S. dollars. . New York Medicaid Fraud May Reach Into Billions-A health care program for the poorest New Yorkers has bECOMe a $44。.5 billion target for the unscrupulous and the OPPOrtunistic。. Medical insurance fraud scheme in New York for six years - a value of 44.5 billion U.S. dollars in health care projeCTS to make New York the expectations of the public beneFit the lowest income groups who can take advantage of been some shameless wanton DECeption in order to fill their pockets. . Reporter Says He First Learned of C。.I。.A。. Operative From Rove-In this week's issue of Time magazine, Matthew Cooper details how Karl Rove supplied information about a C。.I。.A。. officer。. Disclose the identity of CIA agent's sources began Lovers - This week's Matthew Cooper of Time magazine in the CIA leak the information detailed in Kaerluofu the story. . Iraqis Stunned by the Violence of a Bombing-Senior elected officials and Civic and 。. religious leaders in Iraq condemned the suicide attack that killed at least 71 people. . Bombing of Iraqi citizens of three brutally surprise--the latest suicide bombings at least 71 people were killed in Iraq veteran elected officials, municipal as well as religious leaders to condemn. First Case Against Hussein, Involving Killings in 1982, Is Sent to a Trial Court-The date. . for Saddam Hussein's trial will be determined in a few days。. If convicted, he could face 。. the Death penalty. . The first indictments Hu matches case brought before the trial court for the murder of 1982--Saddam Hussein trial date Hu recently published once convicted may be sentenced to Death. Investigators Are Clear Who Carried Bombs, but Have Far to Go to Explain More-British. . officials are trying to determine whether four men believed to have carried out the 。. bombings had financial or logistical assistance from inside Britain or elsewhere. . Investigators determined to carry bombs ' identity but to provide further explanations have yet to be realised-British officials are trying to track down expectations determine Bombings committed four financial or logistical support is a source country or the other has its way. Whirlpool makes unsoliCited bid for Maytag, creating 3-way race-Whirlpool made a surprise $ 1. .36 Billion bid for Maytag, possibly igniting a three-way takeover battle for the. . appliance maker。. Whirlpool announced the initiative to bid for Maytag three wells up to the bidding war - Whirlpool Corporation unexpected to 13. .6 Billion bid for Maytag ignition on the equipment manufacturer's tripartite merger battle. . Marrying maps to data for a new web service-Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are creating map services that offer contextal advertisements tied to specific locations。. Intimate combination of maps and data network services to bECOMe a new favorite - Yahoo, Google and Microsoft to create the map service provides location-specific advertising embedded in the background. . Credit card ads place renewed focus on security-Over the last few years, financial services and technology companies have been quietly tweaking their advertising to incorporate themes about the safety of customers' data . . Security matters were favored credit card advertisements--in recent years the financial services and technology company is quietly put the customer data security content with ads, the conception of NEC ' s concept phones at Wireless Japan 2005. C'mon, it's Friday, and you guys know how we do love a good concept phone-especially from NEC, who makes some pretty sweet handsets ... lucky! We're still trying to figure out how we'd even work these two suckas , but truth be told, in the future we expect phone technology to be such that they work themselves。. For reals。. NEC Concept phones in Wireless Japan 2005 debut. . Okay, today is Friday, and you took these guys definitely know we have more love concept Mobil, SGM is launched by NEC. NEC introduces many of the Mobil. Masaki more! I now in or try to find out in how to make this East West way, said older examples, in the future we are looking forward to Mobil technology will allow any Mobil itself. This is really Tel. LG's JM52 does 5GB of media. . Last time we checked in on LG’s JM52, it was called the MF-HE600 and had a 4GB?well, it’s still got that square-tufted buttoned-leather couch look going on, but now it’s also stacked with a color 1。. 7-inch screen for displaying AVI, WMV, DivX, and MPEG-4 video, as well as FM, line, and voice-in recording, and, of course, MP3 support. .Will it come out here once it’s out of its engineering phase? We’ll say dubious at best, but it’s nice to know LG isn’t completely giving up on pushing the envelope with their portable media devices instead of just licking it . . LG's multimedia software player JM52 hard disk capacity is 5GB. Last we look at LG's JM52, name or MF-HE600, 4GB hard disk capacity is only just, but it still retained the square button down leather material, looked like a sofa in the shape, but it is also more 1. .7-Inch color screen, can play AVI, WMV, DivX, and MPEG-4 video files, also have FM, transcription, and voice recording function, of course, must support the MP3 format.Once you have completed the engineering phase, we will introduce market do? the market these or our best or reservations of revenues, but at least we have know to LG have not completely irrevocably development new portable guide for German player multi media, but also not say or say nothing. Garmin iQue M3. . Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s essentially a more budget version of the iQue M5 they introduced earlier this year, but Garmin’s new iQue M3 gps Pocket PC does have a little something the M5 lacks: they’ve installed the same automotive-centric user interface found in their StreetPilot C series of handhelds that lets you easily navigate everything with your finger rather than a stylus (which can be a serious beyotch to handle while you’re driving) . . The rest isn't so bad, either: a 3. .5-Inch, 240 x 320 pixel LCD touch screen, 32MB of ROM, 64MB of RAM, a 312MHz processor, and an SDIO expansion card slot. . Should be out later this month. .Click to see some hands-on shots of the M3 that we took yesterday。. Garmin iQue M3. . Handheld electronic navigation equipment. Than the iQue M5, Garmin's high-priced version of the new iQue M3 gps electronic navigation handheld device introduced earlier this year, and some more things that M5 is not: two produCTS in their StreetPilot C Series of handheld devices are installed in the same Automotive - Center (automotive-centric) user interface, you simply search directly with your fingers, then do not need to touch pen (with a touch in the car gps device, if too far away from the words actually a little dangerous) . This product specification is also full of nice to the, 3. .5-inch, high resolution touch-control of 240 x320 ? curtain, you only read the Iranian 32MB which German and Iranian 64MB Flash software, which Start codon àí?÷ 312MHz and external SDIO slot. ProduCTS will be launched at the end of this month, FAST-import from ? see more image Oh. Sony NW-E507 Network Walkman reviewed. . Silicon Pop Culture got their hands on Sony’s shiny new 1GB NW-E507 flash-based digital audio player (part of their Network Walkman line, natch), also one of the company’s first MP3-friendly devices。. Though you can't see it in this pic, the NW-E507 sports one of those slick OLED screens, giving it a leg up over one of its main competitors, the ipod Shuffle, but at $ 200 the classic Sony cost premium is still in effect。. The biggest problems Silicon Pop Culture found with the unit was the transfer speed and the included SonicStage software (as usual), although they didn't even try out the included headphones, so who knows how they compare to anyone else's。. Digital music player reviews. . Silicon Pop Culture hands are tested with a new force most flashing bright Star, 1GB capacity (German record which Flash) NW-E507 digital music player (nature is the Network Walkman series produCTS), this is a new force to MP3 format qing forces the highest product. Although you can not clearly see the photo, but the NW-E507 mirror-like bright OLED screen, can be really greatly surpass its main rival ipod Shuffle, 但 the high price of 200 U.S. dollars to maintain SONY consistent style makes high boast. Silicon Pop Culture transfer rates, and special software that SonicStage is the biggest problem this product, as well as they do not test produCTS with the headset, but who knows how, and to compare either a headset to it. . The gold aluminum keyboard。. Dude, all of a sudden it's all about the keyboard news lately. . Now, someone went and melted down Lil 'Jon's teeth and made this USB/PS2 keyboard. .Bonus ? aluminum carrying case included so it can roll with ya!。. Appearance of unexpected gold aluminum keyboard has a number of recent news on the keyboard. Now, someone was about to melt Lil Jon (black hip-hop singer) of gold teeth and make it shiny bright USB/PS2 keyboard. There are additional accessories, aluminum case keyboard with launch of Oh. . Five small-minded complaints about the MugMouse:。. 1. . Not very ergonomic. . 2. No scroll wheel。. 3. . Hello, Bluetooth?. . 4. Clearly not dishwasher-safe。. 5. . Left a cofFEE ring on our designer mouse pad. . Five personal about USB MugMouse small complain. One thousand and one has a Bluetooth ring. . 1. Not enough people physical labor journalism. 2. . There is no scroll wheel. . 3. Suspected, cyan ~ bud?. 4. . Apparently can not be thrown into the dishwasher. . 5. Will keep cofFEE in our fine of mouse dian. The 1,001 st ring has Bluetooth. . We’re not sure we find the tale of 1,001 Arabian Nights to be all that “insipiring” (in it a king murders one of his many wives each night out of paranoid jealousy), but five Taiwanese jewelry designers have set out to design 1,001 rings in one month?and what do you know, one happens to be a Bluetooth headset vaguely reminiscent of something right in between a scarab and a doubloon . . Would someone please get Inspector G. . On the line?. . I'm not sure whether all raging FEElings come from in the thousand and one nights Tales (due to suspicion and partial enforcement, China King every night kill harmful one own's wife), but five pieces from Taiwan's jewellery programmers, follow the ancient Arab famous tianfangye ?-the thousand and one nights "in a months all beginning design a thousand and one refers to the environment. But do you know which one to do? monthly into a story, from the ancient wise old prediCTS Po stone and ancient gold into the triplets ? cyan ~ bud refers to the environment. Suicide bomber ignites tanker, killing 59 Iraqis-The bombing was the latest in an unrelenting string of dramatic suicide bombings that have killed sCores of people. .Suicide bomb ignite tanker 59 Iraqis killed--a series of brutal and shocking recent suicide bombing incidents in the latest explosion resulted in the Deaths of dozens of people. Officials' pitch for drug plan meets skeptics-Opinions polls suggest that many people have not heard about the new Medicare drug beneFit or do not understand it. .Officials plan to sell drugs--by public opinion polls show many of the public on the latest medical security plan of a lack of understanding of the drugs, welfare or misunderstanding. Lost in bombings, diverse and promising lives-The Death toll from the July 7 bombings in London stands at 55. . The authories have officially identified 41 of the dead. .Bombings that claimed that various original full future life--July 7 London bombings, the Death toll reached 55 people in authority has officially confirmed the identity of the person which 41. Plan called for covert aid in Iraq vote - President Bush approved a plan to provide covert support to favored Irqi candidates and parties but, facing Congressional OPPOsition, rescinded it, official say。. Iraq election covert assistance program--officials revealed that President Bush had agreed on a programme for the support of the Iraqi elections, candidates and political parties to provide covert support but because Congress OPPOsed the plan has been abolished. Blair says 'Evil ideology' must be faced directly-Prime Minster Tony Blair told Labor Party supporters that security measures alone would not thwart attackers like those responsible fore the bombings on July 7。. Blair claimed that must face the evil ideology--British Prime minister Tony Blair's Labor Party supporters notice solely on the basis of safety measures are insufficient to break down such as 2277 Bombings committed molecules. Israel responds to attacks, arresting 30 militants-Responding to attacks that killed six civilians last week, Israel arrested 30 members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and fired rockets at suspected weapons factries response to attacks on Israel arrested 30 militants - led for the last week Six civilians were killed in the attacks, Israel arrested 30 Hamas members and Israeli Jiahe De suspicious military facility to launch rockets。. Robin hoods or legal hoods-A law firm that spent DECades winning lawsuits against huge corporations is now in the cross hairs of a government investigation. .Greenwood Grand umbrella or a legal umbrella--have DECades of history to the well-known enterprises in favour of the famed law today are bECOMing a focus of government investigation. Housing goes frothy to flat in Denver area-Denver's homeowners are learning the hard way about living through the real estate doldrums. . Denver area real estate bubble burst - Denver area homeowners with the most difficult way to learn how to survive the real estate slump period. . Here's a social security plan that's really two plans-Presidnet Bush's social security plan pits two groups with very different interests against each other, making compromise difficult。. Double the social security scheme - President Bush's Social Security plan runs counter to the troops for two diametrically OPPOsed interests to reach a compromise even more difficult. . Corrupted PC's find new home in the dumpster-In the face of growing legions of digital pests, many PC owners are simply replacing embattled machines rather than fiXING them。. PC crash with garbage station as their home - the face of increasingly powerful digital pest Corps many personal computer owners who choose to replace rather than repair the machines destroyed. . On the job, the pauses that refresh-The Internet provides endless ways to waster time, but it isn't the cause of our distraction, just the most recent way to induLGe it。. Working hours and rest - the Internet provides endless ways to waste time, however, cause us so much that it is the main cause of distraction than it is a lazy conniving our latest means of appropriate and friends on the weekend to learn then football The results only play 10 minutes, catch the left hand ring finger when Chuodao. Disastrous consequences, not only do the walls have to end customers, soon also swollen fingers like fat carrot roots, or purple. Even more appalling is that, as fat, Youshen not straight, it seems much shorter than has been ridiculed as the pig friends hand.Alas, but to be honest in doing back quiet, away from the danger of rugby. However, good perspective, because on stasis of aerosol, my fingers were frozen, typing is difficult, so I'm lazy to write a lot of days without news summaries. But today it looks like, well, almost, finger flexibility and it's good. But a lot of breaking news these days do, first bus bombings in London, then our Danny hurricanes, a dark cloud, but the only bright spot is the national zoo panda birth, her prayer through the most dangerous in peace few days, the Internet can see the way she does, where 1 Movie Industry Refocuses Amid Box-Office Slump (NPR). . In the face of continuous 18 months movie box office receipts go low compared to the same period last year, the music industry. Some people think that last year's box office total affected by the "good" unexpected high impact at the box office is up, otherwise the situation this year is just dull, not the box office. Another large inputs of this year DECreased, so drop in to the box office. Of course, the proliferation of pirated movies side effeCTS cannot be ignored. In this situation, power. Pictures stakeholders have to strive to deal with. In addition to high publicity and exposure of the film PREMIERe, film production companies to adopt more theaters to shorten the interval between the PREMIERe and DVD release, from the previous 6 months to 4 months now,. . Even shorter, DVD sales make up the box office. Although not a DVD with the movie PREMIERed at the launch of the situation (in fact, low-budget American film "jeans of The summer. Sisterhood of Travelling. . Pants "this year in the American cinema PREMIERe in mainland China launched a DVD), a number of film production companies began trying to PREMIERe pay TV at the same time. Optimists believe that to cinema this trADItion. Still has the family television entertainment unmatched appeal, such as create a relaxed stress-free entertainment environment, the DVD or pay TV only for different consumer groups, and will not weaken competition in the trADItional theater atTendance. . Rate, the film is a digital network communications. Nevertheless, the cinema Operators may not NECessarily agree with. 2 File-sharing firms may be liable, says high court (NPR). . Federal Supreme Court in line 27, determinations provided network services to share files, such as Grokster and StreamCast. Net-works, not to encourage their users do not pay for registration on the network to Exchange copyright-protected songs, movies and television programs, or they will be liable, Hollywood and the recording industry the right to control the piracy. The ruling. . Means that not only is the ultimate audio and video file sharing, file sharing network is also liable for piracy, but Hollywood and the recording industry news. However, because the Supreme Court did not encourage the infringement done to define clearly the future may still lead to many legal disputes. . 3 Cable Firms Don't Have to Share Networks, Court Rules (Washington Post)。. Federal Supreme Court ruled in favor of restrictions on the provision of cable Internet services companies competitors to use its network of rights. The ruling is facing similar difficulties to many telephone companies also expect to get exempted from the same control treaty restrictions. As the DECision will be put under the hands of the FCC, the FCC sources to discuss the matter in the near future. . 1 Advertisers Pour More Money Into the Big Screen 。. Wide-screen movies is bECOMing the new darling of the media advertising. Along with TiVo is. . Representatives of progressive electronic video equipment in General, people can easily remove annoying TV spots. This also means that television this trADItion of the popular media in the advertising people are losing their original charm. But cinema wide. Told the audience of its high quality, wide-screen visual effeCTS, and assess the effectiveness of the advantages of easy to quantify but, bECOMing synonymous with a higher return on investment. More and more companies are choosing this alternative by cinema advertising. . ProduCTS to consumers and product information. According to the latest cinema advertising Association survey, last year's American cinema advertising revenues rise sharply to 23% 4. .38 billion. However, the movie advertising phenomenon have given rise to more people off. 2 CNN. . Com DECides to Offer Free Video - Again. . CNN Start video gratis network news. 3 Boy stable after 2nd Florida shark attack. . A 16-year-old boy in the Gulf of Mexico is a shark bite, the current situation is stable. This is a three-day Florida coast took place the second shark attacks. Last Saturday a 14-year-old girl in the Florida Panhandle shark attack Death. 4 Upscale tastes invade Wal-Mart's hometown. . In a remote town due to bECOMe the retail giant Wal-Mart Group's birth place and increasingly prosperous. 5 Wal-Mart Founder's son killed in plane crash. . The world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart Founder Sam WAlton 6 second John WAlton. 27 killed in airplane accidents. At that time John. . WAlton a small ultra light aircraft from Wyoming-Jackson Hole Airport shortly after takeoff, the plane crash, plane crashes, unexplained. John, now 58 years old. WAlton is a member of the Wal-Mart's board of directors. He has net assets of 18.2 billion U.S. dollars, in March, "Forbes" ranked the world's richest 11. . 1 Testing Changes Ordered After U。.S。. Mad Cow Case 。. After the authority of the United Kingdom a more stringent test center detection using re-test the original U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that one case of samples found to be well confirmed with mad cow disease a health body. . Compared to most countries in Europe and Asia on mad cow disease, the United States this beef consumption power seems to have faith. And in other countries has bECOMe a controversial topic of genetically modified food and medicines is akin to that in the United States, as long as a government official and regulatory bodies of the Authority's endorsement of the, most Americans have no doubt that the use or consumption. So Trust while admirable, but I'm still trying to avoid the use of beef produCTS. The ministry of agriculture news is coming to mind. Look at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary excused first be said that the rapid development of our years of Pre-may 已 no longer the best choice Zaishuiyinwei ill and rare You Cunzai in abnormal Buwei so we are unable Shan Ci test was detected in the middle in shouting, "Our beef is the safest in the world, and I still eat beef at noon." What does this prove, the courage to risk being toxic Why? . . 2 Morgan in Talks to Bring Back Ex-President 。. Internal power struggle in 2001, retired former manager of John J. . Mack in consultation with the board president to return to Morgan Stanley office. . A classic story of a comeback, and verify the success or failure of the market for ten years, ten years on the East and West. 3 Talk show rarity: a true believer's candor. . Tom Cruise in NBC's famous talk show "today," and then display the beliefs of the Church of Scientology of fanaticism, host Matt Lauer reproached with tongue, don't know the history of Psychiatry, drop all glasses. This is really stunning scene. Before Tom Cruise criticized Brooke Shields for taking post-natal depression treatment drugs act irresponsibly, his foolish words to make people angry. The performance is possessed by the Devil. Pick one quotation: "Matt, Matt, you don't even - you're glib," Mr. . Cruise said. . "You don't even know what Ritalin is..If you Start talking about chemical imbalance, you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories, Matt, O。.K。.? That's what I've done。. "CNN channel Anderson Coopers 360 in the anchor has always been a moderate Coopers also been angered by the fact that Tom Cruise is too far. Industry despite the recent Tom Cruise to the exposure assessment are many, but his image and the impact of the new movie likely it is appropriate to afFord anti-(at least I will not go see his movie theater). The New York Times said it is unfortunate irony to Christian Science there is no way through the protection of privacy and whitewashing celebrity celebrity image to save Tom Cruise remarks.. 1 the "Baidu Baidu China Chinese city media influence on the best" award. Although Baidu claims to selection methods are fair, but why not study the specific ways in public can understand it has to protect its research strategy outlined their needs But appropriate sampling data collection and processing as well as reliability and accuracy of the data only further increase the credibility not you responsible for at least a professional company to only Operate or endorsement. . 2 two u.s. domestic Law news. Federal Supreme Court ruled local governments can rely on the private economic development needs of individual personal property seized or commercial industry. . Congress House by empowered to prohibit desecration of the flag of constitutional amendments, in particular the flag burning in the procession, the motion has not yet been sent to the Senate ratification for entry into force. United States Constitution based on personal interests and freedom of speech to write, but any country in the world or corner of the rights and freedoms are limited even if the United States and its ideals in order not to hurt the freedom of this country's reputation for extremely careful As people can not understand, but read These two news immediately FEEl a bit ironic. . 3 CNOOC 190 billion bid for Unico CNOOC takeover bid on Unocal. Greenspan Danwei do with the conservative American politicians dismissed the lovely photos (BBC news, just shine Greenspan actually someone behind the head twisted over his shoulder to sleep on this background coupled with Greenspan saliva in an attack on the Senate The look of frustration and it is ridiculous). . 几乎所有美国媒体财经新闻的头条都是中海油的收购案 真是热度百分百 中海油这一决定本身而言 考虑到Unocal在亚洲的油田资产份额 对中海油的未来企业收益考虑还是挺合理的 对Unocal的控股投资者更是绝对的受益 但是在大背景政治因素的渲染下 真象是中国开始对美国商业的挑战的开始 再加上同期海尔对maytag的收购案 以及美国国会每日无聊的关于不平等贸易的辩论 这一消息便有了绝佳的新闻卖点 姑且不论这一收购案是否成真 (我是觉得前景堪忧 怎么chevron和unocal的交易看起来有点尘埃落定的样子很难想象chevron会舍弃unocal)但是这一新闻热点提供了中海油甚至中国政府最好的机会争取正面媒体宣传 因为很正常会有很多国际媒体选择在后续新闻报道中采访双方代表 可谓争取新闻上镜率的最佳契机 晚上便看到BBC新闻预告下周开始播放关于中国世纪变革的记录短片系列 强调会有Lenovo总裁在IBM PC并购后首次接受国际媒体采访 可见此类策略的体现. . Good news comes on crutches。. Scandal. grapevine n. Grapevine. . Gutter Raphe n.. hard news hard news; pure message. . headline n. news headlines; content FEEds. hearsay n. Grapevine. . highlights n。. Highlights. hot news hot news. . Human face human interest. in-depth reporting depth reporting. . Insert n.. & vt. interpolation paragraph; plug version. interpretative reporting explanatory report. . Invasion of privacy violations of privacy (right). inverted pyramid inverted pyramid (writing structure). . Investigative reporting investigative reporting. journalism n. Journalism; journalism. . Journalism is literature in a hurry rash news is literature. journalist n. Journalists. . Kill vt. back left (manuscript); shoot (manuscript). layout n. Layouts; layout. . Lead lead n.. libel n. . Libel (the crime). . makeup n。. Layout design. man of the year the annual newsmaker, Man of the Year. . Mass communication media (learning). mass media mass media. . Master head n. header; registration. media n. . Media, media. . Mere report is not enough to go upon. mere with... morgue n. Press reference room. . News agency news agency. news clue news tips. . News peg News leads, news-head. newSprint n. NewSprint. . News value news value. No news is good news. No news is good news; not news is good news. . Sensitive nose for news News. obituary n. Obituary. . Objectivity n. objectivity. off the record should not be publicly reported. . Opinion poll of public opinion that browsing experience. periodical n. Journals. . Pipeline n. anonymous sources. popular paper popular newspaper; popular newspapers. . Press n, press; press. press conference press conference;'s entertainment units. . Press law press law. press release press release; news briefing. . Mr. PR man PR. .. profile n. . Interview; close-up. . Proofreader n. proofreader. pseudo event false news. . High quality paper; serious newspapers newspaper. quarterly n. Quarterly. . Readability n. readability. Readers hing reader's interest more. . Reject vt. back left (manuscript). remuneration n. . Royalties; royalties. . Press reporter n.. rewrite vt. . Overwrite (manuscript), Revising. . Comprehensive message round-up n.. scandal n. Scandal. . scoop vt。.“ Rob "(News): exclusive news n.. sensational a. Sensational; has a sensational effect. . Sex scandal peach news. sidebar n. Highlights news. . Slant n. subjective reports; one-sided coverage. slink ink "Page Zi." . Soft news soft news. source n. News sources; sources. . Spike vt. back left (manuscript); "shoot" (manuscript). stone vt. Make-up. . News story; n.; stories section. stringer n. Correspondent; correspondent. . Subhead n. subtitle; subtopics. supplement n. Extraordinary; supplement; supplement. . Suspended interest of suspense. thumbnail n. "Tofu" (article). . Timeliness n. timeliness; when new. tip n. Insider News; secret message. . trim n。. Editing (manuscript). update n. Update (news), enhanced (timeliness). . N it. watchdog .&vt. public opinion. weekly n. Weekly. . News wire service n.. accredited journalist n. . Correspondent. . Advertisement advertising n... ". advance n. Pre-contact; pre-written message. . Affair n. peach news; sex scandal. aNECdote n. ANECdotes. . Writing task assignment n.. attribution n. . News source, the source. . back alley news n。. The grapevine. backgrounding n. News Background. . Bad news travels Quickly。. Bacchus. banner n. Banner headline. . Beat n. interviews of coverage. blank vt. . "Blank." . body n。. The body of the news. boil vt. Compression (length). . box n。. Topical news item. brief n. . Newsletter. . Press Release bulletin n.. byline n. . A signed article. . Caption: caption n.. caricature n. Comics. . Carry published. vt. cartoon n. Comics. . censor vt。. Review (News), censorship. chart n. Weekly Top version of pop music. . Newspaper clipping n.. column n. Column; part. . Columnist columnist n.. continued story serial; Series. . Contributing editor contributing editor. contribution n. (Vote for the press) manuscript; submission. . Contributor n. contributors. copy desk n. Newsroom. . Copy the text edit editor n.. correction n. Correction (notice). . Correspondence column letters to the editor column. correspondent n. . Foreign correspondent; Permanent other ports reporters. . Cover interview interviews vt.;. cover girl n. . Cover girl. . Covert secret interview coverage; secret interview. crop vt. Clip (picture). . Crusade n. publicity. cut n. Illustration vt. Deletion (words). . Cut line n. illustrations. daily n. Daily. . Dateline n requests for electric head. deadline n. Deadlines. . Dig vt. interviews; trace (News clue); the "dig" (News). digest n. AbstraCTS. . Editorial n. editorial. editorial office editorial. . Editor's Note: the editor notes. exclusive n. Scoop. . Expose the ugly n. Mortgage News; Press exposure. extra n. Extraordinary. . Anyone remember eye-account n.; press information. faxed photo fax photographs. . Feature close-up; zhuangao n.. FEEdback n. FEEdback. . Send a message to a file; n... filler n. Padding. . First Amendment (the Constitution of the United States) of the first amendment (content-related news, publication, etc.). five "W's" of news news five elements. . Flag n. header; registration. folo (= follow-up) n. Continuous coverage. . Fourth Estate in the fourth level (press). freedom of the Press freedom of the press. . Freelance free-Lancer n.. full position prominently. . Abbreviation for common words and (F). f. . A. . Q. .= Fair average quality good average quality. . .S f... .a. = free alongside ship side delivery price. F. . B. . E. .= Foreign bill of Exchange foreign money orders. . .L .c f.... = full container load the entire container is full. f. . D. . Free discharge is not responsible for unloADIng the ship. . F & D.... = Freight and Demurrage charges and charging FEEs. f. . I. .= Free in charge of loADIng cargo Fang Bu. . .O f... .i. = free in and out is not responsible for loADIng and unloADIng cargo destined for the United States. f. . I. . O. .= Free in out stowed and trimming handling open storage piles are not responsible for the Shipowners. . .O f... = free out the unloADIng the ship is not responsible for. f. . O. ., F / o = firm offer time-bound offer. . .B .o f.... = free on board FOB. f. . O. . C. .= Free of charge for free. . .O F.. .I. = free of Interest-free. f. . O. . R. .= Free on rail, free on road train turned over to commodity price. . .S .o f.... = free on FOB steamer vessels. f. . O. . T. .= Free on truck truck turned over to commodity price. . .P f.. .a. = free of particular average free insurance. fr. . F = franc, from, free francs, from, free. . Foreign Exchange Forex FX =. Short term commonly used trade (G), (H). . G。. g = good, goods, gramme good, goods, one gram. . G/A = general average general average. GATT = General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. . Gm. = gramme one gram. g. . M. . B. .= Good merchantable brand of good quality of goods for sale. . .M .q g.... = good merchantable quality good quality can be sold. G / N = Guarantee of Notes committed to ensuring that. . .S. .w g... = gross total weight shipping weight transport. gr. . Wt. .= Gross weight gross weight. . H。. h. .= Hour, harbour, height, the Hong Kong a high degree. . H. .O. = head Office Corporation. h. . P. .= Horse power horsepower. . Hr.. = hour time. I. . IATA = International Air Transport Association IATA. IBRD = International Bank Reconstruction and Development International Bank for Reconstruction. . I/C = Inward Collection imports collection. ICC = International ChAmber of Commerce International ChAmber of Commerce. . IMO = International Money Orders, international money order. Imp = Import imports. . IN = Interest interest. IMF = International Monetary Fund International Monetary Fund. . Inst. .. = instant (this month) this month. int. .= Interest interest. . Inv. = Invoice invoice. IOU = I owe you IOU. . I/P = Insurance Policy insurance. I / R = Inward Remittance Inward Remittance. . ISIC International Standard Industrial Classification = international standard classification of occupations. it. .= Item project. . K。. k. .= Karat (carat) Kara (gold with degrees). . Kg. = keg, kilogramme smile kg. K. . W. .= Kilo Watt kW. . L。. L / A = Letter of Authorization authorization. . Lbs. = pounds pounds. L / C = Letter of Credit Letter of Credit. . L/H = General Letter of Hypothecation pledge rights total unit for books. L / I = Letter of Indemnity compensation bond. . L/G = Letter of Guarantee letter of guarantee. l. . T. .= Long ton long ton (2,240 pounds). . L/T = Letter Telegram letter telegram. Ltd. .= Limited limited liability. . L/U = Letter of Undertaking undertaking. M. . M.. = mile mark, metre, minute, month, and meridian (noon) miles, meters, signs, moon, and noon. m / d = month after date ... ... month after the ticket payment. . Memo. = memorandum memorandum. M. . I. . P. .= Marine insurance policy marine insurance policy. . Misc miscellaneous miscellaneous. =. M / L = more or less increased or reduced. . M/N = minimum minimum amount. MO = Money Order telegraphic, money order, bank draft. . M/s = months after sight after sight ... monthly payments. m. . S. .= Mail steamer, mail transfer tankers, ships. . .T M... = metric ton, mail, mail transfer tonnes. M / T = Mail Transfer mail transfer. . .V m... = motor vessel vessels. N. . .B N... = Nota Bene (take notice). NO. .= Number number. . N/p = non-payment protest. Nt. . Wt = Net Weight net. . O 。. O. .= Order order, order. . .B/L O. = Order bill of lADIng instructions-Bill of lADIng. O. . C. . P. .= Overland Common Point locations are usually accessible land transport. . O/C = Outward documentary Collection. OD. .= Overdraft overdraft. . O/d = overdraft, on demand, require the payment of the overdraft (notes). O / No. .= Order number order number. . O. .p. = open policy booking policy. O / R = Outward Remittance outward remittance. . ORT = ordinary telegram ordinary Telegraph. o / s = on sale, out of stock dump, no inventory. . O/S = old old fashioned style. o. . T. .= Old term the old conditions. . Oz = ounce ounce. P. . P/p/A; a = free particular average. pa = power of attorney certificates of appointment. . = Private account personal account. p. . A. .= Per annum (by the year) each year. . .C p... = per cent, petty cash percentage, petty cash. p. . L. .= Partial loss points loss. . P. .&I. = Protection and Indemnity insurance. P. . & L. .= ProFit and loss proFit and loss. . .M. P. .. .O = postal money order or postal order. P / N = promissory note promissory note. . .B P. .O... = postal office p.o. box. p. . O. . D. .= Payment on delivery payment on delivery. . P. .O. .D. = Pay on Delivery invoice payment. P / O = Payment Order payment order. . P/R = to…and parcel receipt. prox. .= Proximo (next month) next month. . PS. = postscript and then reStart. pt. .= Pint pint. . P. .T. .O. = please turn over look inside. PTL = private tieline service telegraph line business. . Q。. qlty = quality quality. . Qr = quarter quarter. qty = quantity number. . Quotn = quotation-quote. qy = quay wharf. . R 。. recd = received receipt. . Recpt = receipt of receipts. ref. .= Reference information about. . RFWD = rain, fresh Water and fresh Water and rain Water damage. remit. .= Remittance transfer. . R. .m.-= ready money, readymade, out-of-the-box '. RM = Remittance money. . .O R... = remittance Order remittance instructions. R. . P. .= Reply paid, returnof post under postal or pre-paid electricity, please be indicated. . Rt. = rate rate. S. . S... .A =-Statement of Account statements. s. . A. .= Subject to approval based on the recognition (in favor, approval) for the condition. . S/C = sale contract for the sale contract. S / D = sight draft sight draft. . S/D = sea Water damage, damage. SD. .= Sundries Miscellaneous. . SE. = Securities collateral. S / N = shipping note shipping notification. . S. .O. .s. .o. = shipping order, the seller ' s notice of shipment option, the seller has the right to choose. S / S, s / s, ss, s. . S = steamship vessels. . S. .t. = short ton short tons. T. . T/A = international telegraphic address. tgm = telegram telegram. . T. .L. .O. = total loss only only guarantees total loss (loss is not refunded). T. . M. . O. .= Telegraphic money order wire transfer. . T. .R. = Trust receipt of Trust receipt. T. . T. .= Telegraphic transfer remittance. . TPND = theft, pilferage and nondelivery theft loss provisions. U. . Ult. = ultimo (last month) last month. u / w = underwriter the insurance industry. . V 。. voy. .= Voyage voyage. . .V V... = Vice Versa and vice versa. W. . W... .a = WPA with average (separate average compensation). war = with risk guarantee all risks. . W/B = way bill book tracking warehouse, warehouse book. wgt = weight weight. . Whf = wharf Pier. W / M = weight or measurement weight or volume. . .P w.. .a. = with particular average compensation free. W. . R. .= War Risk Insurance War. . W. .R. warehouse warehouse receipt. =. wt = weight weight. . X 。. x. . D. .= Ex dividend ex-dividend. . XX = good quality good quality. XXX = very good quality is very good quality. . XXXX = best quality the best quality. Y. . Yd. = yard yards. yr. .= Your, year of your annual. . Z 。. Z = Zone areas, areas. . ZCL = Zone di Commercia free trade area. Short term commonly used trade (A). . A.. .A .R = against all risks guarantees all risks, all risks. A. . B. . No. . = Accepted Bill Number imported into a single number. . A/C = Account account. AC. . = Acceptance Acceptance. . Acc = acceptance, acceptance and commitment accepted. a / c. . A / C = account account account. . Ackmt = acknowledgement recognizes that receipt [/color]. a / d = after date after the deadline for ticket payments (bills). . ad。.advt。. = Advertisement advertising. adv. . = Advice notice (the book). . ad val。. = Ad valorem (According to value) of the ad valorem duty. A. . F. . B. . = Air Freight Bill aviation bill of lADIng. . Agt。. = Agent agents. AI = first class level. . AM = Amendment modifying the book. A. . M. . T. . = Air Mail Transfer mail transfer. . Amt。. = Amount, amount. A. . N. . = Arrival notice arrival notice. . A。.P。. = Account payable accounts payable. A / P = Authority to Purchase commissioned to buy. . a。.p。. = Additional premiun additional insurance premiums. A. . R. . = Account Receivable receivables. . Art。. = Article articles, items. A / S = account sales sales list. . A/s = after sight after sight payment deadline. asstd. . = Assorted colors ready for. . att,。.attn。. = Attention note. av. ., A / v = average mean, average. . A/v = a Vista (at sight) at sight. Short term commonly used trade (B). . B, B/-/-= bale, bag, package. bal. ., Balce. . = Balance balance. . bbl。. = Barrel barrels, bottles. B / C = bill for collection Collection. . B。.D。. = Discounted Bills discounted. B / D = bank draft bank draft. . B/d = mortgagee brought down on the previous page. B'dle, bdl = bundle bundle to. . E = B/bill of Exchange drawn. B / F = brought forward commitments previous page. . Bg = bag bags. BIS = Bank for International Settlement Bank for International Settlements. . BK = Bank Bank. Bkg. . = Banking banking business. . L = B/Bill of LADIng waybill. B / N = bank note bank notes. . B。.O。. = Branch Office branches. b / o = brought over brought forward. . bot。. = Bottle bottles. B / P = bill purchased buy the Notes, Export Trade. . B/P = bills payable bills payable. B / R = bills receivable notes receivable. . Brl。.,barl。. = Barrel barrels, bottles. bx = box cartons, boxes. . The abbreviation and trade commonly used words (C). C / - = case, currency, coupon boxes, currency, coupons. . c。. = Cent, centimes, centigrade (u), min (), 8 degrees (thermometer). C. . A. . = Credit Advice receivables DEClaration. . C。.A。.D。. = Cash against documents on arrival of the goods to the good after payment. c. . A. . D. . = Cash against documents draw the cash. . .A c.. .f. = cost and freight cost plus shipping charges. cat. . = Catalogue goods catalog. . C。.B。. = Clean bill clean. C / B = Clean Bill of light tickets. . C。.B。.D。. = Cash before delivery to pay in cash upon delivery. c. . C. . = Carbon copy, cubic centimeter copy, cc. . C/C, C. ChAmber of Commerce .C = ChAmber of Commerce. pC / D = cash against document payment against documents. . C。.D。. = Collection and Delivery enTrusted. Cert. .= Certificate certificate. . C/f = carried forward over time page. C & F = cost and freight transportation, including price. . C。.F。.S。. = Container freight station container distribution field. c. . F. . & I. . = Cost freight and insurance cost, including freight insurance. . C。.H。. = Clearing House clearing house. C. . I. . = Certificate of Insurance policy. . C&I = Cost price and insurance and Insurance. c. . I. . A. . = Cash in advance cash advances. . cif,c。.i。.f。. = Cost, insurance and freight freight and insurance, including price. c. . I. . F. . & C. .= Cost, insurance, freight and commission freight, insurance, interest, including the price. . C。.I。.F。.E。. = Cost, Insurance, Freight and insurance charges, Exchange, bills of Exchange, prices. C. . I. . F. . I. . = Cost, Insurance, Freight and Interest freight, insurance, interest, including the price. . .F C.. .I.. .I .C. = Cost, Insurance, Freight, freight charges, the Commission and Interest, commissions, interest and insurance premiums, and prices. CK = Check the check. . CL = collection collection. CM = Commission commission. . C/N。.C。.N。. = Credit note, covering note, consignment note cargo insurance, insurance, shipping notices. C. . O. . = Certificate of origin certificate of origin. . C/o = care of carried over, too tired to go next. Co. . = Company company. . .D .o. c... = cash on delivery cash on delivery. Con. . Inv. . = Concular Invoice Consular Invoice. . corp。. Legal person, company, corporation, =. C / P = charter party charter party. . cr。. = Credit party, a creditor. cs = case box. . Csk., ck = cask bottles. C. . W. . O. .= Cash with order cash order, make a payment. . cwt。. = Weight measure name. hundred. C. . Y. . = Container yard container distribution market. . Economic common words abbreviated (D), (E). D. . D/A = documents against acceptance, acceptance after delivery of the single. = Documents for acceptance,. . = Documents attached, acceptance documents. = Deposit account deposit account. . D/a = days after acceptance acceptance … payment. D. . A. . = Debit advice of payment DEClaration. . D/D,D。. = Demand draft, documentary sight, the draft Bill. d / d = day's date (days after date) ... ... day after the ticket payment. . d。.f。.,d。.fet。. = Dead freight transportation (boat) unloaded. Disc. . = Discount discount; discount. . DLT = Day Letter Telegram letter.. D / N = debit note debit notice. . D/O = delivery order notice of discharge. D / P = documents against payment after the delivery of payment receipts. . Dr。. = Debit debter debit, the debtor. d / s. . = Days' sight sight ... ... days after the payment. . DV = Dividends dividends. E. . ea。. = Each per Member. e. . E. . E. . E. . = Error excepted exception error. . E/p B = Export-Import Bank export-import Bank (USA). enc. ., Encl. .= Enclosure accessories. . E。.& O。.E。. = Errors and omissions excepted errors or omissions in this limit. ETA = estimated time of arrival scheduled arrival date. . ex。. = Example, executive, Exchange, extract, Executive Officer, foreign Exchange, summary. Exp. . = Export exports. . A currency contract Agency Agreement. Correspondent bank Correspondent Bank. . Commercial draft Commercial Bill of Exchange. Bank check Banker's Check. . Foreign Exchange Foreign Bill of Exchange. Key money Key Currency. . Exchange rate of the Exchange Rate. Direct quotation Direct Quotation. . Indirect indirect price Quotation. Exchange rate point of Point. . Buying rate Buying Rate. Selling Exchange rate Selling Rate. . Rate of Exchange in the middle of the Medial. Cash Exchange rates Bank Note Rate. . The spot Exchange rate Spot Rate. Forward Exchange rate Forward Rate. . Basic Basic Rate of Exchange. Operators set the Exchange rate Cross Rate. . Fixed Fixed Rate. Floating Exchange rate Floating Rate. . Adjustable nail Adjustable Peg. Single Exchange rate Single Rate. . Multiple complex Exchange Rate. Trade Exchange Commercial Rate. . Financial Exchange rate Financial Rate. Cross Rate Cross Rate. . Long-term balance Forward Margin. Premium Premium. . Discount Discount. Parity At Par. . Fixed Fixed Exchange Rate System. Gold Standard Gold Standard. . Banknote Paper Money. Discount Rate Discount Rate. . Floating Exchange Rate system, floating Exchange rate System. Free floating Exchange rate Freely Floating Exchange Rate. . Managed floating Exchange rate Managed Floating Exchange Rate. Single floating Exchange rate Single Floating Exchange Rate. . Combined Joint Floating Exchange Rate a floating Exchange rate. Pegged Exchange rate Pegged Exchange Rate. . Regional monetary integration in Regional Monetary Integration. European Monetary System European Monetary System (EMS). . European monetary unit of the European Currency Unit (ECU). European Monetary Union European Monetary Union. . Gold Gold Content. Mint parity Mint Par. . Gold Gold Point convey points. Official reserves Official Reserve. . Exchange control Foreign Exchange Control.

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